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VegFest - a day to share in the love of all things vegan!

If for some reason you’ve never attended a VegFest (what are you waiting for!?), here's what you’ll find: t-shirts and stickers with all of your favourite vegan slogans, ethically produced body products, cookbooks, jewelry, informative and inspirational speakers, rescue organizations, music, and of course FOOD, FOOD, AND MORE FOOD (including our favourite food group: sweet treats)... and never having to explain to anyone where you get your protein.

You’ll see a list of the festivals that we will be attending this year, including two BRAND NEW festivals: Mississauga and Kitchener/Waterloo! We are thrilled to see more and more cities hosting these events each year, and hope that you’ll come join in the excitement!

(From left to right) Krisia, Lise, Chris, and Chad (waving) standing behind a table laden with brownies, butterless tarts, and cookies, inside the Fairly Frosted Booth at the 2016 Toronto Vegan Food & Drink Fest.

As ever, look for our tall ice cream sandwich banner, and you'll know you're in the right place. We'll have our soon to be world famous ice cream sandwiches, our signature cupcakes, and plenty of other treats – including festival-only specials – for you to enjoy or take home and share.

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Upcoming Events!

No Udder Ice Cream Grand Opening

 20 Ainslie St. N. Cambridge (located in the front of Nature’s Vibe) Restaurant
 All summer long!
 No Udder Ice Cream Facebook page

No Udder Ice Cream is open for the summer to take care of your ice cream cravings! Stop by for a scoop, or two, or five, and enjoy vegan ice cream at its finest. Conveniently located in Cambridge! Guelph, KW, Hamilton, and Brantford folks, you’re just a short drive away from a delicious family outing, friend hang, or date night. Get your scoop on!

Cafe Pyrus

 16 Charles Street West, Kitchener Restaurant
 All summer long!

Ice Cream sandwiches are back for another summer at Cafe Pyrus! These frozen treats are pure handheld delight. Creamy Fairly Frosted Ice Cream sandwiched between from-scratch soft chocolate cookies in four flavours to choose from: Mint Chip, Chocolate Lavender, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Vanilla. Which will you try first?

Niagara VegFest

 Market Square, St. Catharines Indoor Outdoor
 June 3, 11am-6pm

Our third time back for Niagara VegFest, and hoping for nicer weather this year - everyone cross your fingers to keep the rain away!
You bring your appetite, and we’ll bring the food! Cupcakes, tarts, cookies, squares, ice cream, and more... we’ve got your sweet tooth taken care of.
If you live in the area, check out other events (films, vineyard visits, wine tasting, prix fix menus) put on by the VegFest organizers on June 2nd.

KW VegFest

 City Hall, Downtown Kitchener Outdoor
 July 7
 KWVegFest on Facebook

More details to follow as they become available!

Toronto Vegandale

 Fort York, Garrison Commons, Toronto Outdoor
 August 11-12, 11am-7pm

This festival is going to be bigger and better than ever!
Last year’s one-day event was so popular it's been extended to two days to keep the party going!
Grab your tickets and come out for a weekend of amazing vegan eats, drinks, live music, and contests. We'll announce our festival special soon.

VegFest London

 Western Fair Grounds, London Indoor
 November 10, 10am-6pm

More details to follow as they become available!

Past Events

Veggie Fest Hamilton

 Hamilton ON Indoor
 May 6 10am-6pm

Veggie Fest Hamilton was a great time! We got to see old friends and make some new ones, too. We did our best to keep the lineup moving, but you folks couldn't seem to get enough. We were sold out nearly an hour before the end of the day, so we're sorry if you missed out.
Photos here.

Niagara VegFest

 St. Catherines ON Outdoor
 June 4 11am-6pm

2017 was our 2nd time at Niagara VegFest, and it's always a good time to get to see our St. Catherines & Niagara area vegan crew.
We wanted to make sure we didn't repeat our early sell-out in Hamilton, so we brought waaaay more ice cream than we needed. No problem, though, as that meant we got to enjoy some on the drive home.

Donkey Day

 Guelph ON Outdoor
 June 11 10am-4pm

For our third time at Donkey Day we were so happy to see the biggest crowds yet. So many people that came out to show love & support for the donkeys.
And it was another ALL VEGAN event!

Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Fest

 Toronto ON Outdoor
 August 19 11am-7pm

We hope you made it out to Toronto Food and Drink Fest this year, because it was a blast!
The sun was shining, the music was pumping and outstanding vegan eats were in no short supply. You ate through all of our baked goods, dozens upon dozens of ice cream sandwiches (our festival special Chocolate Strawberry was a hit!), and boy were our arms sore after all the ice cream scoops we served up! Looking forward to next year!

Vegan Food and Drink Festival has put together a photo album.

Donkey Sanctuary of Canada - 25th Anniversary

 Guelph ON Outdoor
 August 23 10am-3pm

We were so excited to be invited to celebrate 25 years with the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada that we rescheduled a flight to extend our time in Ontario!

It was a bit windy, but the sun was shining, and the parking lot began filling up at 10am on the dot. We spent the day serving up cupcakes and ice cream to Donkey Sanctuary supporters from near and far - one family we talked to had driven for two hours to visit!

The DSC put together a short video highlighting some of their milestones from the last 25 years - you can check it out here: https://vimeo.com/222254546

Vegfest London

 London ON Indoor
 November 11 10am-6pm

London VegFest was our final festival of the year, and it did not disappoint!
Thank you to everyone for the non-stop line that kept us on our feet all day. It warmed our hearts to see so many familiar faces and hear the enthusiasm in your voices when you talk about our baked goods and ice creams.

Nice to meet you!

We're Fairly Frosted, a bakery from Guelph, Ontario, founded in 2011.

Chad (left) & Lise (right) wearing Fairly Frosted t-shirts standing in front of the Fairly Frosted booth at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada's 2016 Donkey Day event

Everything we make is vegan, gluten free, and nut free. Everything. Always.
We care a lot about inclusivity, and work hard to make sure that you don't have to worry about the quality or origin of ingredients when you want to have sweets to share with your family and friends.

We're both long time vegans (15+ & 6+ years!) so you can trust that we're thorough in how we vet our ingredients, and that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of taste and quality. Making something vegan and calling it a day isn't what we're about. We recognize that in this world vegan products – and often us vegans – are held to a higher standard, needing to stand out and be better than "normal". We think "normal" is the wrong word, and hate to use it.
Conventional foods are ordinary; Fairly Frosted makes extraordinary desserts.

Where to find us

Retail Partners

No Udder Ice Cream - Cambridge, ON
No Udder carries a wide selection of our ice cream by the scoop - the same you know and love from our festivals.

Cafe Pyrus - Kitchener, ON
Cafe Pyrus carries a selection of our ice cream sandwiches, ready for grab-and-go.

Markets & Pop-ups

As of January 2017 we're no longer at the Guelph Farmers' Market every weekend. The best way to find us is to come out to one – or all! – of the events listed above.
If you can't make it out to one of the festivals, we are taking limited special orders throughout the summer and fall. Please contact us to work out details.

We're pretty friendly, and there are a lot of ways to get a hold of us:

Fairly Frosted Bakery - Vegan, Gluten Free, and Nut Free. Everything. Always.